Once you have your domains hosted, it is necessary to renew the domain name on a continuous basis so that your online ‘presence ‘ remains valid. Renewing is basically the process of extending the validity of your domain name mostly with the same domain name registrar. The process of renewing involves some expenses in the form of renewal fees, but there is a silver lining to it. You get to choose the best available bargain at that point of time. In today’s extremely competitive market, domain name registrars are vying with each other to provide better quality of service at cheaper rates. So in all probability, you will end up getting a better offer of cheaper service without compromising quality. Another advantage is that you will get a lot more of features than you did at the time of initial registration of your domain. This is due to the rapid strides made in the field of technology, which is perhaps what differentiates the field of software and Internet technology from most of the other fields. There are some players in this field who offer you discounts on renewal for such conditions as bulk renewals and transfer and subsequent renewal.

The failure to renew your domain name can lead to your domain name being taken up by someone else. Given the number of factors that you might have considered while choosing your domain name, this situation is something, which you should be avoiding. Expired domain names are a favorite of speculators because of the reason that such domains will already have some traffic in them. So this proves to be an advantage in search engine optimization and other Internet activities.

Some registrars send you reminders well before your registration is to be renewed. If the reason you forget to renew your domain name registration is that you rarely use it or if you have bought a domain for future use, then you can prevent it from being inactive by the process of domain parking. Domain parking is employed commonly by those who have a portfolio of domains registered, but some of these are inactive at present and will remain so for a considerable period of time.

Some methods used in domain parking are the inactive domain(s) pointing to an active domain, displaying appropriate message that the domain is currently not under use or redirecting the traffic. To have the passive domain generate some income for you, it would be worthwhile to have some advertisements displayed in the page. There are several ‘Pay per Click’ programs available that help you generate money when user(s) click on an advertisement place on your website. The revenue generated from such programs will directly depend on the number of people visiting your site i.e. the traffic. So to attract more people you should keep optimized words and relevant advertisements. A catch in this approach of generating traffic is that it should not be fake, which is produced by some unfair means. The pay per click programs run by companies have special software to detect such spurious activities.

Thus the practices of regular renewal and domain parking can help you stay up-to-date and generate revenue.