Your website is now built, just the way you want it. It’s now time to launch it and get it out there, on the internet so people can see the products and services you want to offer them. But first you need to register that website through a domain registration service.

There are many domain registration services available on the internet. Selecting the right one will be very important as each can offer different options and services, any of which can affect anything concerning your website. For example, if your website concerns business transactions selecting the right domain registration service will be invaluable.

Free Domain Registration Services

There are many free domain registration services available to those companies or individuals seeking domain registration. The services from these free domain registration providers are limited, but if you are a new company these providers will be able to help you launch your website at no charge. The advantage with obtaining a free domain registration service is that you will be able to register your site at no cost and with minimal risk as you explore the opportunities for your website. This is a great way for a new business to start out in launching their website because there is no financial investment.

Paid Domain Registration Services

Most companies and individuals use paid domain registration services when they want to register their websites. With paid domain registration services the client doesn’t have to do any domain research work, as that is usually part of the service that the customer is paying for. The fees are generally small for the services provided, none exceeding fifteen dollars per year.

The advantage of the paid domain registration services is that these agencies provide support services within the contract. Yes, by the way there is a contract with the paid domain registration service. If you choose to go with a paid domain registration service be sure to read and understand the contract before you make an agreement with any domain registration service company.

Domain Ownership

When shopping around for a domain registration service find out who will own the domain once it’s registered. Some domain registration services will want to maintain the ownership of a domain. If you should decide to move your domain you won’t be able to if the domain is owned by the registration service. Also, if you fail to pay the annual subscription fees on a domain that is owned by the registration service, for example, they can actually sell that domain to another person.

It’s always best to own the domain yourself because you can do with it what you want after it’s registered. If you decide to move your website and domain to another location you can more easily do so without having to go through the registration process again.

Completed Registration

Once you have completed the domain registration process it can sometimes take a couple of days before you will see your website on line. Most registration services can “park” your domain at the spot where your site will be located, kind of as a placeholder. Frequently, you have to pay a small fee for this placeholder service.