According to the latest studies more than 60 different domains are registered over the net every second. So it is very important to choose your domain name carefully. You have to be accurate and logical in order to find a memorable and catchy domain name.

If you are registering a domain name for your new enterprise or business then you must contact a registrar of that particular domain. The process of registration of a domain name is very simple. The foremost step is to evaluate the kind of domain you are in need of. Some of the most common domain names are .net and .com or if you want you can also use a domain name as .info for your website. The second step is to determine for how long you want to register your domain. The charges that you will be paying depend upon the time period of your domain registration. Most of the registrars have different plans that may vary for a period of 1 to 10 years. You may also come across new contracts as soon as your previous contract with the previous domain company expires.

One of the significant aspects of registering your domain is the cost that is involved according to the length of your contract. It is wise to search and snoop around different registration referrals before finalizing a domain registrar. Choose the one whose plan suits your requirement the most in terms of necessity and budget.

How to choose an appropriate domain name?

Choosing the appropriate domain name is tricky but with the help of the following tips you will certainly be able to decide a good domain for your company. These tips can help you decide how to go about choosing the right domain name to ensure a quick and smooth registration process.

Be short - It is very important that you keep the domain name short and concise so that it reduces the spelling errors while a person is typing the domain name in the web browser. It is a myth that lengthy names are more descriptive but the fact is that a catchy domain name is the best way to attract good traffic towards your website.

Be logical - When you are registering the name of your domain it is essential to register something that matches logically to the actual theme of your website. For instance, if your website is about laptops and computers then you must register it under a name like You can also register the name of your enterprise as your domain name. For example, if your company name is ABC then you can register it as

Be accurate: Accuracy is very crucial while registering your domain name as your domain name registrar holds a minimum time for refund. Also you must check spellings of your domain name before registering it. Most of the registrars provide you a refund period of five days if there is some error in your domain name.